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Mika Marie Saturinas Desiderio -You can see behind the facade a girl who continues to dream despite of all the obstacles and hardship. A girl who lives in her own perspective but understanding others as well. A girl who is full of love, faith and hope. A girl who laughs and eats all the time but is serious when she has to. A girl who live by quotes which explains exactly what she`s going through. A girl who takes chances and doesn`t regret a thing. A girl who loves to take pictures of moments which she will surely treasure for the rest of her life. A girl who`s life is like a book yet still unfinished and continues to grow even more interesting. A girl who learned a lot from 16♥ years of experience. A girl that may seems ordinary but did a lot for her family, friends and for the world.♥ !Disclaimer: I don't take any credit for anything posted here unless stated so. Copyright goes to the real owner!

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